Training Resources

Below are links to University-sponsored online training courses that we encourage all members to take.

Anderson Labs

Anderson Labs Training - Training and general information for Anderson Labs. The AL-1001 orientation and AL-1002 safety courses are required for members of our build teams and to get 24/7 card access to Anderson Innovation Labs, located in Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering buildings.

Exceed Lab

Exceed Labs General Access Course - Training course to gain 24/7 access to the two labs in Keller Hall.

Exceed Labs Super User Course - Advanced training required to operate most power tools in the lab. General Access Course is a prerequisite. Also requires in-person training.

Library Makerspaces

Library Makerspace Workshops - Training and workshops put on by the UMN Libraries. Training usually is not required to use these spaces. There are two Makerspaces on campus: one in Walter Library and the other in the Biomedical Library.