Autonomous Snowplow

  • Single-I Competition in 2019
  • Team Picture for 2019 competition
  • Double I
  • Collaborative Challenge 2
  • Single-I Competition in 2019
  • Robot Simulation

The ION Autonomous Snowplow Competition is an event put on by the Institute of navigation annually. The competition has always been held at the St. Paul Winter Carnival, though last year it was held in Toronto, Ontario Canada. The competition invites teams of graduate and undergraduate students from all across the country to compete in building a robot, presenting on its capability and viability, and showcase its ability in autonomously clearing snowfields. These fields simulate sidewalks and driveways and are created with both static and dynamic obstacles to simulate the challenges of completely autonomous vehicles operating in the real world.

Some major agenda items for the Fall 2019-Spring 2020 year include:


  • Design a new robot in CAD
  • improve existing robot drivetrain and plow


  • Implement 3D Localization using our new 3D SICK MRS1000 LiDAR
  • Use new Intel Realsense in our SLAM algorithm
  • Add second, rear 2D LiDAR
  • Significantly improve our Android App that controls the current robot


  • Design custom winch controls to allow for multi-axis plow movement
  • Develop convient onboard charging solution


See the calendar tab for meeting times (meetings are located in Mechanical Engineering L134) or email us any questions at