Training Resources

Below are links to University-sponsored online training courses that we encourage all members to take.

Anderson Labs

Anderson Labs Training - Training and general information for Anderson Labs. The AL-1001 orientation and AL-1002 safety courses are required for members of our build teams and to get 24/7 card access to Anderson Innovation Labs, located in Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering buildings.

Anderson Labs Microcourses - Follow-on training for specific equipment. May require in-person training to complete some courses.

Exceed Lab

Exceed Labs General Access Course - Training course to gain 24/7 access to the two labs in Keller Hall.

Exceed Labs Super User Course - Advanced training required to operate most power tools in the lab. General Access Course is a prerequisite. Also requires in-person training.

Library Makerspaces

Library Makerspace Workshops - Training and workshops put on by the UMN Libraries. Training usually is not required to use these spaces. There are two Makerspaces on campus, one in Walter Library and the other in the Biomedical Library.