koala President   Elise Lohman - President

Elise Lohmann is a Senior majoring in Chemical Engineering. She is an Alumna of FRC team 2175-The Fighting Calculators. In her spare time she enjoys running, exploring lakes, and eating ice cream. She can be contacted at


VP Katie   Katie Riedel - Vice President

Katie Riedel is a senior majoring in Industrial and Systems Engineering. She has been involved with FIRST since freshman year of high school and graduated as an alumna of FTC 8686 Height Differential. You may see her refereeing at FTC tournaments or judging at FLL tournaments during the winter. She may be contacted at


Director of Finance   Trygve Eggen - Director of Finance

Trygve definitely does not have plans to burgle Ft. Knox. If he did, those plans would be unrelated to funding the groups activities. He can be reached at


DoE Brad   Brad Eisenschenk - Director of Engineering

Brad Eisenchenk is a Junior in Electrical Engineering. In his spare time he has previously worked on the Autonomous Snowplow project, and can point to Alaska on a map. He can be contacted at


Laura DoP   Laura Irvine - Director of Programs

Laura likes llaammaass. She may be contacted via email at


Claire Schleusner - Outreach Officer

Claire can sing "Will the real slim shady please stand up" in one breath. Most of the time. She can be contacted at

John Helgeson - Recruiting Officer


-John Helgeson

Rose Lam - Marketing & PR Officer

Rose was voted "most likely to have created the surprised pikachu meme" by all of us. She can be contacted at