Trygve Eggen


I am a senior in the Mechanical Engineering program. I was previously the Director of Finance for UMN Robotics, and am also Treasurer for the UMN ASME Student Section. I was an Electrification Co-op at Thermo King Corporation, and worked to rapidly develop and test battery-electric refrigeration systems. Outside of school, I enjoy working as a sound and lighting technician, playing the bass, and listening to music.


Laura Irvine

Director of Programs

I’m a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I have been the Director of Programs for the past year and a half, and project lead for Ri3D, Bot Shot, and BB8. I was on FRC Team 2175 for five years and FTC 8438 for two years, where I was also a national Dean’s List winner in 2015. I have interned at Boston Scientific for the past three years. My other interests include driving Zambonis at Ridder and Mariucci Arena, training llamas to do agility, volunteering for High Tech Kids, and watching Netflix.


Amalia Schwartzwald

Recruitment Officer

I'm a senior in Aerospace Engineering, minoring in Computer Science.  My interest in robotics started when I joined UMN Robotics and had the opportunity to compete in the NASA Robotic Mining Competition.  I was an intern at Digi Labs where I worked on agricultural robots. I'm a research assistant at the Center for Distributed Robotics and work on the Solar UAV team.  In addition to programming, I enjoy art: painting, photography, and making comics.


Brad Eisenschenk

Vice President

I am a senior majoring in Electrical Engineering. I got my start with robotics with no previous experience and I have now been involved in the Autonomous Snowplow project for four years, spending most of that time as the only EE on the team. I have previously interned at Northrup Grumman in the sensors and power group, and was a undergrad researcher in a Soft Robotics research group at Harvard. As for my free time, it is notional.


Jimmy Donadio

Director of Engineering

 I am a senior in Mechanical Engineering. I have been a member of the team for the past four years where I have also been project lead of NASA RMC. I have been involvedw with nearly every project including Snowplow, VEX, Mini 6 and trebuchet (Rest in Pieces), Ri3D, and Ri1W. I work at Heraeus Medical as a Process Engineer, and have also previously been an intern at Tesla. Outside of robotics I enjoy photography, biking, volunteering with High Tech Kids, playing video games, and spending time with my cats and dog.


Zach Godec

Business Officer

I’m a sophomore majoring in Management Information Systems, and am excited to continue working with robotics this year!  In high school, I was the captain of FRC Team 5148, where I developed a passion for team leadership and media production.  I also am interested in IT and cybersecurity, and run my own technology consulting business.  Outside of school and work, I enjoy photography, playing piano, and watching movies and musicals!


Isidora Mack


I’m a freshman majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I started participating in FIRST LEGO League robotics when I was in fourth grade and I’ve been doing robotics ever since! I competed on an FTC team in high school where I found a love for designing robots and for mentoring other robotics teams. Outside of school I enjoy reading, watching Hulu, eating toast, and collecting cool posters.


Claire Schleusner

Director of Finance

I’m a sophomore in Chemical Engineering. I have previously been the outreach officer for UMN Robotics and a member of SWE. My interest in robotics started when I joined an FLL team with several friends in elementary school. In high school I was a member of FTC Team 7152, Robot Squad, where I acted as the nontechnical lead and a member of the programming team. Outside of school I enjoy reading, hiking, and skiing.


Rose Lam

Marketing Officer

I'm a sophomore in the Graphic Design Program with a minor in Digital Media Studies. My interest in robotics began in fourth grade when my friends and I started a FIRST LEGO League team called the Ponytail Posse. We eventually transitioned to FIRST Tech Challenge in high school, where I became interested in design and public relations. Outside of school, I love to volunteer at robotics events, play video games, find weird t-shirts at thrift stores, and collect Animorphs books.


Isabella Kemling


I’m a freshman majoring in Mechanical Engineering. In high school, I was a member of FTC Team 9890, RUBIES, which is where my interest in robotics got started. In college, I’m looking forward to continuing to volunteer at robotics events and mentor other teams, as well as taking advantage of opportunities to gain hands-on technical experience through student groups. For fun I like baking, crafting Spotify playlists to suit any mood, and going for walks.